Fields and Fences

by Kent Agee

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released February 20, 2014


all rights reserved



Kent Agee Nashville, Tennessee

First known in Nashville as the creator and lead-singer of Warner rock act, Jane His Wife, Kent Agee has become recognized as one of the most versatile writers in the music industry. With cuts by acts as diverse as Barbra Streisand, Vanessa Williams, Tom Keifer, Rodney Atkins, Evan & Jaron and Del McCoury to name a few. ... more

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Track Name: From Now On
From Now On

I’ve got no strings to hold me down from now on
I’ll be the king of this old town from now on
Stay out late and you won’t care from now on
Yeah, things are gonna be different ‘round here from now on

I can go too far, I can act the fool
Ain’t nobody gonna ask me why
I can do just what I want to do
But when I come home at night
I’m gonna cry just a little
I’m gonna miss you baby
I’m gonna die just a little ‘cause you’re gone
From now on

You won’t ever whisper my name from now on
I’ve got no-one but myself to blame from now on


If I see you out on some summer night
And you’re laughing with the one you love
I’ll just smile and say, “hey I’m doing all right”
But I know when I’m alone

I’m gonna cry just a little
I’m gonna miss you baby
I’m gonna die just a little ‘cause you’re gone
From now on
Track Name: Love Is a Boat
Love Is a Boat
Kent Agee

the waters of life they get deep, they get dark
they don’t stand still, no they rage like a river going over a fall
and sometimes all you can do is reach out
and hold on to anything
but then out of the corner of your eye
you see the gleam another eye going by
You swim hard, suddenly you touch
And then it happens, children let me hear you sing....

Love is a boat,
through the sea of changes up ahead
Everybody’s bound to get a little wet
But Love is a boat,
When you’re out there struggling all alone
When this world tries to sink you like a stone
You can stay afloat, yes Love is a boat

Well I’ve done my share of spinning in the tide
Shipwrecked, half drowned, Lord I was bedraggled when you found me
or did I find you, really doesn’t matter
who found who I guess
But right here in the center of my heart
I felt a message from the center of another heart that was me and you turning into us
now look at us drifting, stars shining up above


Some boats have got a motor, some just a paddle
Some they got an anchor you can’t pull in
But oh how some sail.....
Like Time’s a blue sky....
And Faith’s a fair wind

Track Name: Gingham Dress
Gingham Dress

Sitting on the road today, trying just to get back home
Racing with the world again, listening to the radio
A man was on there saying these are complicated times
That no-one knows where they are going or what they want to find
But you know I’m not lost or confused
I’m just coming home to you

Put on that gingham dress, the one that’s the color of your eyes
The way that it clings to you soft and warm, that’s the way I want to feel tonight
It’s been too long, another lonesome day is through
Put on that gingham dress so I can take it off of you

I know you’re thinking it’s too plain, you laugh and say it’s out of style
But it’s kind of like the moonlight baby, kind of like the way you smile
So effortlessly perfect, so accidentally right
It fits you like a whisper and it falls just like a sigh
Oh I love everything that you do
But right now I’m asking you....


I want to slip it off your shoulders, pull you close close beside me now
And feel the world slow down

Track Name: Faithless Girl
Faithless Girl
Kent Agee

She’s got a look in her eyes that only a daddy could trust
And a smile that says “I’m sorry for what I’m gonna do”
But still that’s what she always does
When she laughs it’s like the breaking of china
The pretty shattering of somebody’s youth
But when she kisses me somehow it feels like the truth

I still see the look I let lead me astray
First I swore that she’d been saving it just for me
Then I swore I just got in it’s way
And in between I tried believing she loved me
And through it all she tried believing it too
And when she kissed me it was so easy to do

Let me die with the arms of trust around me
Let me walk with one true love by my side
Let me find someone incomplete without me
But let me lie with my faithless girl tonight

I came home one night and she was with some other man
And though she tried to play the part of the guilty one
It was clear she didn’t understand
So I said she had to change or I’d leave her
But those were things neither one of us could do
And when she kissed me I knew to her it was true


I remember when I finally told her goodbye
She cried just like an innocent child then
Too often now I wonder why
I guess she didn’t want me to need her
But she needed to be wanted so much
Then she kissed me, but one kiss was never enough
Track Name: Love Will Come Around
Love Will Come Around

Jimmy Holsapple had a job at a pay-pond
Sortin out fishin worms, dozen in a box
Sweepin up around the place, cleanin out the minnow-tank
Pickin up the Nehi bottles people dropped
Jenny Lee Soper drove a two-tone Chrysler
Man she’d turn your head, no you couldn’t help yourself
Daddy owned the lumber-yard, credit on his credit card
Yeah she was a catch far as anyone could tell
But down at the pond on any Friday night
There’s Jenny Lee staring into Jimmy’s eyes

Singing hey now, find a hand to hold
When it’s gonna happen, man you never know
Don’t try figuring it out
Love will come around when love will come around
Love will come around when love will come around

Another time, another place, cowgirl in a barrel-race
Kelli Ann Walters kickin up the dirt
Winning every rodeo, all the wranglers loved her though
Reins in her teeth and rhinestones on her shirt
Up there walkin through the stands, tray of peanuts in his hand
Johnny Wallace workin, yellin “get ‘em while they’re hot”
A hundred twenty soakin wet, never rode a horse and yet
All the cowboys want what they know Johnny’s got
Cause down at the chuckwagon when the day is done
It’s gonna be Johnny Kelli Ann is kissin on


Aint no tellin how, aint no guessin who
Where’s it gonna fall what’s it gonna do
You can stumble through a hundred lonely nights
Suddenly you’re lookin right into love’s eyes

Track Name: Omens of the End
Omens of the End
Kent Agee

Israel Hendren had three calves born dead on Christmas day
Jacob Masters’ well-water’s gone sour
Luby Starns’ red layin’ hen done hatched a serpent’s egg
And I wonder where you are

There was two rings around the Moon the night that we were wed
I took it as a sign your love was true
Now the widow Walters swears she saw a crow fly overhead
When you said I do

Oh Tribulation I know your name
Oh Ruination your hair is brown and your eyes are green
Judgement will come, no man may know when
But I have seen the omens of the end

You knelt with me there on the ground, you held my hand in prayer
You swore the world would crumble ‘fore we’d part
Now the preacher’s oldest boy’s run off and your travelin’ bag aint there
And the sky is growing dark


Lord help us Satan’s not the twisted thing our children dread
Oh fall down on your knees the day you learn
Her face is fair, her lips are sweet and she’ll lie in your bed
Then leave you there to burn
Track Name: Pleasant View Lane
Pleasant View Lane

In the beginning was a red-dirt road
Purple iris and a crawdad hole
Three little houses pretty near the same
In the beginning there was Pleasant View Lane
I was a cowboy I was Superman too
Saving the neighbor girl is what I’d do
Then I’d jump on my bike and hear my theme-song play
Ride into the sunset on Pleasant View Lane

So take my hand, life may change
While we can let’s walk together down Pleasant View Lane

I remember the summer when the shop closed down
We moved into a duplex in the heart of town
The little patch of sky we had was still as blue
We just couldn’t see as far as we used to
Black-top streets they tore the world apart
Seems like all you see is cold and hard
You grow too fast when everything is gray
You grow too fast away from Pleasant View Lane


Everything looked better, everything looked bright
Wheat-field freedom in the daytime, my mother’s lullabies at night
The road across forever was never far away
It ran right down the middle of Pleasant View Lane

Track Name: Lenny
Kent Agee/George M Green

Lenny’s in jail with his dagger tattoo
He’s missing his baby, he’s missing a tooth
The camera caught him as he slipped out the door
Stealing some milk from the grocery store
Lenny was raised by his grandfather’s hand
He learned the hard lessons about being a man
Don’t swallow no handouts, don’t swallow your pride
Take care of your family and keep them alive

Draw a line down the page,. make a list, black and white
One column for wrong and one column for right
And in our wise judgment how will we decide
On which side to write down “the will to survive”

The judge says to Lenny as he stands in his court
My memory is long but my patience is short
Three times before me for the very same crime
Now you’re going to prison for a very long time
Lenny writes letters to his eight-year-old girl
He says, “You’re too young to know the ways of the world
This land stands for justice and the right to be free
It stands for the rich man but it won’t stand for me”

We read in the papers and see on the news
Junk-bonds and millionaires play fast and loose
In a land of free enterprise is it a crime
That Lenny’s wife waits in the soup-kitchen line

Now it’s ten years later and nothing’s much changed
‘Cause poverty’s stronger that shackles and chains
Lenny’s young daughter, she has a daughter herself
It’s a wheel in a wheel and it turns on itself
And nobody leaves ‘cause there’s nowhere to go
We keep our distance and let the cameras roll
While Lenny’s life runs out, a red stain in the dirt
Shot in the back by a grocery-store clerk
Track Name: Rose Connally
Rose Connally
Kent Agee

Rose Connally wore a blue flowered dress
It was soft, like the color of her eyes
I tried not to see how it clung to her breast
Lord I prayed but it stayed on my mind
I had sworn my affections to another all my life
I loved her, did not wish to cause her pain
So I hardened my heart to what the flesh would have me do
And turned the fair Rose Connally away

Now this world has turned my children into strangers
Who won’t call no dead tobacco farm their home
My wife sits all day and reads the Revelations
While I wander ‘round these wasted fields alone
And count the years Rose Connally’s been gone

There’s five miles of fence windin’ round this old farm
Strung it myself, back when it held something in
With a hundred-pound roll of wire under each arm
I’d climb that hill, it weren’t nothin’ to me then
And Rose would be standin’ by that property line
Callin’ to me with a voice as sweet as her name
But I kept workin’ that ground, staying straight and lookin’ down
She was gone when I looked up again

Track Name: The Wild Midwest
The Wild Midwest
Kent Agee

They came here in a covered wagon
It was a ‘57 Pontiac
He was born in the billboard wilderness
The year the mall shot main street in the back
He had a hand-me-down dream about a ranch-house
About a woman in a long, green dress
But he was too good he thought, too fast to get caught
Living in the wild Midwest

In the wild Midwest, at high-noon the factory whistles blow
The streets are alive with desperadoes, desperate to find where the money goes
In the wild Midwest, they’re digging for hope in wheat fields of gold
Trying to cash in the promise their dad’s were sold
Trying to outrun the outlaw called “Growing Old”
In the wild Midwest

Outside of town there’s a cross-roads
And a tree where the Renos were hung
Parked there one night in the summer moonlight
He planted the seed of a son
So he gave up the guns of a young man
And put on the hero’s white hat
He kissed his new wife and went to face down the life
That headed him off at the pass


Cowboys and quickdraws working for their two weeks off
Trying just to make near what they spend
Dance-hall romancers on the trail of an answer
For all the things they might have been

Track Name: Lyda Rose
Lyda Rose
Kent Agee/Will Robinson

Standing all alone on highway nine
Early morning it was summer time
They were waiting for the six-o-five to take them away
She was quiet, they were holding hands
She knew her momma wouldn’t understand
He was watching her and wondering about the plans they’d made
Praying she would not forget how she felt when he first said...

Lyda Rose come with me out beyond these fields and fences
Lyda Rose come with me and see the things we dreamed about
Take this road where it leads find out where the other end is
We both know we won’t go if we don’t go now...Lyda Rose

Thinking ‘bout her hand-me-down suitcase
The pink dress she had packed away
That her momma made for graduation day, one he’d never seen before
Imagining how happy she would be
A married woman with a family
Coming back so everyone could see that she’d found something more
But when he said, the bus is here she could not hide her tears


That day sixty years ago
She sat and watched him leave alone
Now her suitcase sits by her bedroom door
With a faded dress she never wore

Track Name: Wouldn’t You
Wouldn’t You
Kent Agee/Joe Scutella

She fell down on her knees and said I’m begging please take me instead of him
With her hand placed on his head there in the darkness by the bed that he lay in
Whispering a mother’s prayer she held his hand and stayed right there the long night through
Well if I was the good Lord I would give her what she asked for, wouldn’t you

Wouldn’t you make it right
Wouldn’t you if you could
Wouldn’t you do what you could do to do a little good
Wouldn’t you, wouldn’t I
Change if we listened to
The voice inside us all that’s calling...wouldn’t you

Somewhere in the world out there another boy, another prayer another night
Lying silent with his gun, holding his breath, waiting on the coming fight
Through the courage of his youth wondering why a man must do the things we do
Well if I had to kill or die I think that I would ask why, wouldn’t you


Every day I see the chance to turn away or lend a hand somehow
To be honest I must say most times I take the easy way around....but

Track Name: Ophelia

Ophelia walks down by the water making daisy-chains all day long
Ophelia gave her heart and never got it back again, now she’s gone
Once a woman she’s become a little child
Done with this cruel world that did her wrong

You can hear her singing in a voice like broken glass and nursery rhymes
Bells of mourning ringing but she still hears him whispering “will you be mine”
Somewhere back in time
Ophelia someone should have told you
This world is much to hard for love so true

Ophelia keeps memories like butterflies in mason jars inside her mind
She’s sealed them up, she hides her young man’s love too deeply in her heart for death to find
Barefoot in the river now she speaks his name
Then lies down forever in his arms


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