The Meteorite

by Kent Agee

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released May 15, 2019


all rights reserved



Kent Agee Nashville, Tennessee

First known in Nashville as the creator and lead-singer of Warner rock act, Jane His Wife, Kent Agee has become recognized as one of the most versatile writers in the music industry. With cuts by acts as diverse as Barbra Streisand, Vanessa Williams, Tom Keifer, Rodney Atkins, Evan & Jaron and Del McCoury to name a few. ... more

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Track Name: Sitting at a Red Light
Sitting at a Red Light
Kent Agee

There’s a laughing girl behind the wheel in my peripheral vision
The radio is dancing through her hair
There’s a black man on the corner yelling like he’s on a mission
With his head back and his arms up in the air
The lights crawl through their cycles, everybody talks to no-one
And the anger’s barely sleeping in their hands
All this movement sitting still would surely stop if looks could kill
The light is green, I think she’s seen me, here’s my chance

Hey you, in the rusted out Nova
With “just do it” stuck on the glass
Hey I think that maybe I know ya
But its hard to tell, cause everything’s changing so fast

There’s a rattle in the trunk and there’s a trash-truck up ahead
And I’m not really sure how I got here at all
I can remember getting in, I turned the key and took a left
It’s automatic now, I just hold on and fall
Her car’s another kind of blue, it prob’ly isn’t safe to drive
But everybody knows there are no accidents
It’s way to warm for late October, I think she’s pulling over
Maybe this is where the trip starts making sense


There’s a face in every back seat there’s a wasp on every dashboard
Let me out, let me in, let me out, let me in
There’s no street just intersections, the illusion of connections
There you are, here I am, where’ve you been...

Track Name: Too Late to Leave Her Alone
Too Late To Leave Her Alone
Kent Agee/Ben Glover

She wears the Sun in her hair when it’s raining
She wears the rain like some women wear pearls
When she smiles my hands shake, when she laughs hearts will break
But she cries like the end of the world

She says I’m a fool to believe her
When she whispers she loves me at night
But when she’s in my bed, there’s a voice in my head
That says “people don’t change ...but she might”

She’s got a wild streak that shines in the moonlight
Got some high cards I know she ain’t shown
And if there’s scars I can’t see...well that’s alright with me
It’s too late to leave her alone
it’s too late to leave her alone

I know she don’t want to be needed
She just needs to be wanted so bad
She swears I’ll get hurt, truth is I’m using her
Cause she gives me what I’ve never had

She gives me that light in the distance
She gives me a place to be strong
And if I give her just two hands she can trust
Tell me how that can be wrong

Track Name: Tear Gas (You're Like Mine)
Tear Gas (You’re Like Mine)
Kent Agee

You’re like tear gas, every time you fall somebody cries
You’re like night-court, full of wicked thoughts and alibis
You’re like gold dust, you glitter for a while and then blow away
You’re like a pop song, I can’t believe a pretty thing you say
But you’re like something else
That I let fool me every time
When you’re sleeping next to me at night….

You’re like mine ..When I close my eyes
You’re like mine..If I change your mind
You’re like mine..If I live with lies
You’re like mine..If I turn back Time

You’re like an Earthquake, when you’re shakin’ there’s nowhere to hide
You’re like a mobile home, I never know what’s going on inside
We both see what’s coming
You’ll be leaving me behind
But for now when I turn out the light….


Someone’s getting hurt, and someone’s gonna be just fine
Who is who, well I think we both know
So I just tell myself that love’s imperfect by design
And make believe we’ve got it ’til it goes

You’re like moonlight, the darker that it gets the more you shine
You’re like nobody’s, but I keep pretending…

Track Name: The Meteorite
Kent Agee

She can’t complain, her life’s too beautiful for that
Her home’s too big, her closet’s full, her bank account is way too fat
Her husband’s cute, and all he touches turns to gold
Except his heart, except her hand, except a world grown too cold
She wonders how she got so far away

Wasn’t there a time just yesterday
She was at the Black Crows concert singing
Didn’t give a damn then who could hear
Happy just to be alive and now
Staring at the empty too-blue sky,
Feeling like her face might crack and thinking
Maybe this will be her lucky night
And God will send a meteorite

The light is green, has she been sitting here too long
It might have changed, she isn’t sure, is someone shoutin, what’s gone wrong
Her hands won’t drive, she thinks of biting through the wheel
Or through her arm, or through this smile, how would it taste how would it feel
All she wants to do is drive away


Just one innocent disaster, one brilliant ball of flame
Out of her control, no-one has to know
Just erase and start again

(chorus…White Stripes)
Track Name: The Late Show
The Late Show
music-Richard Bennet / lyric-Kent Agee

I’m not a criminal, I just don’t sleep know
Sometimes I walk half the night, don’t matter which way I go
You see it all after dark, yeah I call it The Late Show

I’ve seen rich women sneaking home in their silk-stocking feet
Lovers moaning in doorways entangled and indiscreet
They don’t care if I’m there, I’m just some guy on the street

See that light on the seventh floor
That’s my scarlet-blue reminder
I don’t take the stairs that go there no more
I’m just the shadow that Love cast behind her

Blood stains on the corner outside the Burma Cafe’
She was too sweet and too young to end on the sidewalk that way
He thought she was somebody else...that’s what they all say

Hear that siren in the distance, it isn’t a fire
Just one more mess desire has left in it’s wake
Pick any place, choose any time, its all the scene of the same crime
You think Love’s the answer?.....give me a break

So pull up a gravestone, we’ll sit here and watch like two crows
Find yesterdays paper and peck the bad news full of holes
This is where the ship of fools runs aground
The dime-store novel that the moon can’t put down
I can tell I’m gonna see you around........see you round the late show
Track Name: I've Been There
I’ve Been There
Kent Agee

She’s riding down lover’s lane the wrong way
Singing Sgt. Pepper’s while Sinatra plays
Looking in her rearview, messing with her hair
She’s holding hands with a man she doesn’t know
Tries to tell herself it’s love but it’s not so
If you’re cold enough it doesn’t matter what you wear
But oh the lights look pretty when you’re flying by
So very high

I’ve been there, broken blue, anything to hang on to
Who needs right, real will do when you’re floating in thin air
I’ve been there, so far gone, giving up meant holding on
Hoping that Chance had some change to spare
I’ve been there

Another morning sneaking through the curtain crack
Another mirror asking who is looking back
Wondering if you’re waking from another sad affair
Trying to read the future in a coffee cup
Checking if your ringtone’s loud enough
Wishing they would call or that you didn’t care
The world ends at 10:30 but another face
Will take it’s place


You laugh in ultra-violet though you’ve seen it all before
Dancing madly backwards toward an accidental door
The World seems well rehearsed but no-one gave a script to you
And hurting is so easy when there’s nothing else to do

I’ve been there, too far down, looking up to see the ground
in my head the siren sound of dreams too big to dare
I’ve been there, broken blue held together just like you
Looking for an answer anywhere
Hoping that Chance had some change to spare
I’ve been there
Track Name: Reality is Vinyl
Reality is Vinyl
Kent Agee

God’s little finger is a phonograph needle
She put it on the Earth and the Earth went round
The grooves were scratched and the tune kept skipping
But the world kept turning and it made this sound …

The news at eleven, the knock at the door
The sirens in the street, the lovers on the floor
the crying of a baby, someone laughing in the park
the beating of the drums, the whispers in the dark…

Saying “darling I love you”, shouting “everybody run”
“Brother can you spare a dime”, “look out he’s got a gun”
“Go back to where you came from”, “I’d never lie to you”
We can’t go on like this no more, but that’s just what we do

The fire alarm’s clanging, there’s dancing in the hall
Shadows in the bedroom and pounding on the wall
People running nowhere down neon streets of gold
Never looking up, never growing old

Who writes the story, who makes the rules
Tell me why the bad boys always get the pretty girls
And that train in the distance that no-one ever sees
Why’s it always going somewhere we would rather be

The crowd is getting bigger, the chaos is sublime
The music’s getting louder but it’s clearer all the time
We may digitize the future, try tuning every voice
But Reality is vinyl, the truth is in the noise
Track Name: Disintegrate
Kent Agee

Fall apart if you want to and I’ll pick you up piece by piece
I’ll get down on my hands and knees and put you back together
Go on and leave if you’re going to but I’ll tear the dark out of the sky
I’ll use the Moon’s unblinking eye to reach you better…

Disappear without a trace, into the air, disintegrate
Change the past and then erase my mind too
Run out tonight, it’s not enough, do anything you’re thinking of
But if you leave a breath of love behind you
I can close my eyes and find you

Tell me that you don’t need me and I’ll shine the truth into your soul
I’ll hold you and I won’t let go until the night surrenders
Rip my heart out completely or I’ll whisper through these bleeding lips
I’ll make you want just one more kiss forever…so you better...

Track Name: Ordinary Gray
Ordinary Gray
Kent Agee

Standing at the cemetery gates she holds a sad bouquet of daisies
Much too tightly in her not quite trembling hand
Her raincoat is an ordinary gray except it's shining like it maybe
Made of something almost happy to be standing in the...

Shadows of the saints she can’t believe in
The echo’s of the prayers she never said
Dead angels cry cold tears of stone
That only leave her more alone
To walk around with heaven in her head

Watching through the ornamental bars she cannot hear the hallelujah
Spoken only because that’s what people do
A yellow taxi splashes her, she barely seems to notice
That her plain black shoes are melting and the red is showing through…

Through the dust she's trusted far too long to keep her
Safe from all the dreams she never fed
The whispered secrets left behind float off into an empty sky
And never see the heaven in her head

Oh the things that nobody knows
Oh the stories we tell til we cannot let them go

Looking up she sees a cross of crows and someone's radio is saying,
"You were waiting for this moment to be free"
Walking home she doesn't seem to know
That there are flowers bursting open in her footsteps where the concrete used to be
Track Name: Candyland
Kent Agee

Frankie was a pretty boy, Frankie had the jack
Frankie owned an intersection by the railroad track
A laundromat, a honky-tonk, a “Get Cash Quick”
The Blessed Savior Baptist Church with a neon crucifix

Stella was no debutante, she was just another girl
Born across the water on the far side of the world
But from her bedroom window she could see the glow at night
Tell me how could one so innocent resist a thing so bright

Candyland, all that you can eat
Make it cheap and easy make it quick and make it sweet
Anything you want, just walk across the street
Why would you go home again, after you’ve seen Candyland

She wrote a note and told her folks she had to chase her dream
She pawned her mother’s silver and her grandma’s rosary
She took that trail of cigarettes and coca-cola cans
She knew she’d find forgiveness in the heart of Candyland


Through those yellow arches like a smiling child she came
Frankie knew once she was inside he could sell her anything
By midnight she was born again, by three she was tattooed
By morning she was washing Frankie’s clothes to buy her food

How can we go home again, now that we’ve seen Candyland
Track Name: Somewhere Better
Somewhere Better
Kent Agee

I live in Deadman, Arizona
I came here on the Mother Road
Broke an axle back in ‘47
I just parked her there and called this home
Started working at The Last Chance Cafe
I bought the place in ‘55
In ‘56 they started building highway
So everyone could drive on by

Hear those wheels out in the distance
Them people’s in a hurry, that’s for sure
Man, that road made all the difference
No-one’s going somewhere better anymore

I was on my way to California
Looked like Errol Flynn when I was young
I guess I should have kept on going
Who knows what I might have done
Still this desert used to have some magic
A moon that you could almost touch
Maybe there’s no mysteries left at all now
Maybe we’ve just seen too much


There was a time we used to pack ‘em in though
Don’t know how many strangers shook my hand
Now the whole world’s racing through a drive-up window
And where they’re going is just the same as where they’ve been

Track Name: Linda and Linda
Linda and Linda
Kent Agee

In the mud somewhere in Indiana,
There’s a shoe that fit when I was nine
Life was so soft back then, you slowly sank in
I thought I pulled my leg out just in time
But two voices woke me up last night,
They broke out of my past somehow
It was a look and a kiss from two chances I missed
That have nothing to do with me now

Linda and Linda here we go again
I guess you’re not done with me yet
The tunnel of love has no light at the end
And the darkness will never forget

I met a man I don’t know in my bathroom
He’s hanging on the wall over my sink
Now every time I go in he’s watching me watching him
And demands to be told what I think
And there’s a woman outside my door screaming
She’s got my name tattooed on her ass
Yeah it’s easy to see you can’t tell what will be
The one mark you make that will last


All the things that we do trying to be someone who
Someone wants to lie down with at night
All the dreams that we chase, the mistakes we can’t face
And the wrong ways of being alright

There are dinosaur tracks in Montana
They say he was fifty feet tall
When they dig up my shoe how will it tell the truth
Of the life of a creature so small

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